How to automate Instagram post with Shopify store

Cross promotion campaign is a great strategy to increase your sales. Channeling traffics from your existing social media to you online store can create additional distribution channel that helps boost your store exposure.

3 in 10 Millennials use social media in order to find or research products to buy. (GWI, 2021)
At least three-quarters of U.S. social media users made an online purchase within the last year, but only 46 percent of non-social media users made an online purchase during the same timeframe. (Source: Nielsen)

However, the process of creating product images for Instagram post can be tedious work and often time small businesses do not have enough resources to do this.

Stencil provides the service to generate those images without much effort and using no-code tools like Integromat, this process can be fully automated. You would only have to do this once.

How to

Designing your template

Choose from our list of preset templates or roll with your own design. For our design, we have few layers that we will overwrite,

  • Product name
  • Product image
  • Price
  • Ratings

Automating the workflow with Integromat

Stencil provides Integromat modules to handle image generation that you can use to automate your marketing workflow.

You will use Integromat to,

  • Import data from Shopify
  • Generate images using Stencil's API
  • Post those images to Instagram

One caveat though, you need Instagram for Business/Professional account in order to continue with this integration. This limitation is imposed by Instagram.

You can watch this short video to see how we set this up.

In the video walk through we use a delay of 10 seconds. That is mostly to simplify the scenario. For production setup, you should use Instant Trigger to watch for generated image and to post it to Instagram as soon as the image is generated.


Looking for WooCommerce setup?

You can also generate social share images like these for WooCommerce. We have a full tutorial on how to set this up,

👉 How to automate Instagram post for WooCommerce

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