How Using Marketing Automation Can Be a Gamechanger for Your Business

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? As a marketer, you probably feel like you spent all day sitting in front of a computer, rushing to meet deadlines and trying to create hundreds of unique marketing assets every month. When you’re busy with these manual tasks, it’s easy to forget other aspects of your business – such as client engagement and strategic planning.

At Stencil, we help you design, automate, and scale your marketing agency. Our software allows you to build image variations quickly for social media platforms, websites, and digital marketing. These Canva-style templates work with our API, meaning you don’t need any prior coding experience to use it.

If you’re a marketing agency looking to boost your productivity and unleash your business’ potential, Stencil and our visual marketing automation service can streamline your workflow and automate your processes. We’re sharing some of the benefits that marketing agencies can enjoy by implementing our innovative Stencil low-code tool.

More cost and time effective

How long do you spend sitting in front of your computer planning, designing, and making content for clients? Your time is money. If you find yourself spending most of your day making graphics or slides, the chances are that you’re not reaching your maximum potential.

Business leaders point to automation as the key to success by freeing up your valuable time and allowing you to focus your time (and money!) on investing in other elements of your business.

Allows you to automate your processes

The beauty of using a low-code tool like Stencil is that you can automate your systems, meaning you only have to create one template if that’s all you need. Stencil works by automating aspects of the design process to create templates that you can use for your content and clients.

This automating process will improve the productivity levels in your marketing agency, reducing overheads and costs while creating standardized processes to streamline planning and content creation.

Create content for multiple clients at once

One reason that marketing agencies like to use Stencil is that they can bulk plan their content, working on multiple clients at once by using their templates to speed up the process.

Our low-code tool means that you can incorporate your client’s branding and mission into the Canva-like template to curate their online presence.

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Drive organic traffic through high-quality designs.

Driving organic traffic to your client’s platforms with high-quality designs that engage the audience base while encapsulating the company’s ethos and brand identity. Getting consistent results for your clients is a win-win situation – and it couldn’t be easier with Stencil.

As you ready to take your marketing agency to the next level? You can find out more about Stencil and our easy-to-use Canva-like templates that free up your time to help you grow your business.

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