Stencil Joins NoCode November

NoCode November by Typedream

We are pleased to announce that we are one of the participating partners for NoCode November organized by the Typedream team.

We are excited to see what can you build using our API.

Redeem Your Free Quota

Once you sign up for Stencil, you'll get 50 images for free as part of your free trial. We are also giving away FREE ONE MONTH Basic Plan. Basic plan has all the features like any other higher tier plan. We don't discriminate 😏

Here's how you can claim your free 1 month.

  1. Sign up at
  2. Subscribe to Basic Plan
  3. Use NOCODENOVEMBER as the coupon code
Please note that you will need to cancel your subscription before 15 December, otherwise you'll be charged.

What to build

Unleash your creativity and imagination with our API and other no-code integrations to build your idea. Here are some few cool ideas on what you can build with our API.

1. A/B Testing Analytics for Product Ads

You can easily generate product ads using Stencil. On top of that, you can build a platform that allows users to do A/B testing for each of the ad.

Here we built a demo for product ads generator. You can do the same but with additional features.

Stencil - Image Generation API
Stencil is an image generation API that automatically creates share images for your content from custom templates.

2. Automated Cross-Promotion Tool for Online Store

Marketing is undeniably hard. It's even harder when you have to manage multiple distribution channels. Why not automate it?

Below we show how you can generate Instagram post automatically from Shopify's store catalog. You can take the same idea and polish it even further 🚀

3. Digital Certificate Generator

Online courses are everywhere now and it is increasingly common to see courses issuing digital certificates when the courses are complete.

Why not build a tool in this space that helps with digital certificate creation? Using Stencil's Secure Signed Image you can issue certificate without worrying how to handle certification authenticity.

4. Your idea!

Leverage Stencil to get your idea from ideation phase to reality.  You got this! 💪

We can't wait to see what you can build this month! Good luck to everyone who's participating in this event.
Shulhi Sapli

Shulhi Sapli

Maker of Stencil at